Werther – 301

Electro-mechanical asymmetric lift with chain drive

Specially manufactured motor fi tted with overheating & overload protection switch

Steel high resistance rolled screw to provide long life

Nylatron GSM main nut with high resistance to wear for greater safety

Lift with self supporting base for easier installation on poor quality floor surfaces • Pads with a min.height of 90 mm. only. Three stage short and long arms enabling the asymmetric loading of wide and longer vehicles in extended position: recommended for the lifting of off-road vehicles • High resistance chain transmission, pre-stretched, with control safety device upon looseness • Permanent and automatic screw lubrication • Specially manufactured high performing motor fi tted with overheating & overload protection switch • Operation: electro-mechanical

Automatic locking & unlocking of arms during on floor

Dead man controls, 24V

Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions

Manufacturer’s website: Werther

Product website: Werther – 301

Product PDF : Werther – 301