Omer – Double Spacer 25/2

Double Spacer 25/2

The double stacker Double Spacer 25/2 maintain the same characteristics of versatility and robustness of his little brother, Spacer 25/2 but is able to manage up to four cars per time. The system requires a pit that allows the removal of the cars on the lower platform, without moving the ones parked on the upper platform.

Description :

Double spacer 25/2 is a stand-alone duplicator platform. A series of technical innovations make it one of the highest quality, safest platforms available worldwide for this market sector.
This product can also be used in particular situations such as asymmetrical positioning of even just two cars on different platforms.
The versatility of product Double Spacer 25/2 easily allows to park four cars in a traditional space of two, completely independent.

As seen in the pictures, the platform functions perfectly, even when the loads are out of balance as clearly seen above.

This view

the platforms – both upper and lower – show its sturdy frame that guarantees safety. The galvanization finish is applied on both the top and underside of the platform, thus increasing quality and product life.
The surfaces of the platforms are perfectly smooth and so compact that no liquids can drip down from the overlying part.

the connection structure

between upper platform and the lower one is formed by a sole body, which makes it extremely stable and secure.

Rising piston

is placed inside the column, in order to make the system more compact and to protect the piston itself better.

The double spacer 25/2

has no need to anchor itself to the building, as well as it is self-standing. This shrewdness avoid any kind of vibration transmitted to the building.

Scrolling pads

of the platforms, inside the columns, are in teflon, preloaded with molybdenum sulphide, which drastically reduce any kind of friction.


Torsion bar

which is linked, at the ends, throughout toothed ring nuts, to the columns, allows to avoid the concern to balance the weight on top of the platforms, creating a stabilizing effect.

Bearing system

Detail shows a bearing system, at the ends of the torsion bar, which allows a quite and safe rotation along the years.

Connection group

between column, rising piston, torsion bar and the platform have very high level qualities characteristics along with its strength, which allow an endless lifetime.

Mechanical locking

stopper on the torsion bar, is one of the major characteristics of safety of Double Spacer 25/2.
Indeed, it allows a locking stop of the platforms every three centimetre (one inch – distance between on tooth and the next one, of a ring tooth nut, placed at the end of the torsion bar).

Detail of the parking platform

In the sequence of pictures we can easily appreciate the detail of the parking platform, completely smooth, for user friendly of the platform itself, while it is walking on top.
Slatds are composing the platform are completely hot dip galvanized.

The motor group

and the hydraulic tank are placed in a particular tray, hanged underneath the upper platform.
In this way allows to drastically reduce the encumbers at the floor, facilitating electrical connection during installation. The tank, furthermore, is standard equipped with an hand pump, in case of an emergency, in order to unlock the mechanical locking stopper, and let the platform come down to release the car.


Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Double-Spacer-25-2