Omer – Rex PF

Rex PF

The Rex PF range is a member of the car parking lift family. These lifting platforms use a pantograph lifting system (scissor). It is a very versatile car parking lift serving up to 3,5mt. with a single scissor and its strength is based in its resistance, combined with a very attractive price. This kind of car parking lift has a capacity up to 3 tons.


This view shows

how versatile the platform Rex PF (fixed point) is for parking motor vehicles. It can even accommodate vehicles with heavy engines and an extremely long wheel base thanks to the dimensions of the platform (5,200 mm) and its weight bearing capacity (up to 3,000 Kg).

The platform comprises

a series of galvanized panels, with a low profile – and light weight.The unit is extremely compact since the platform structure requires a pit of just 510 mm and yet is still extremely study.

Note the platform

wheel stop (standard) which ensures correct positioning of the vehicle from the front edge. This detail ensures utmost safety, preventing any abrupt forward movement of the vehicle while the platform is being moved. Another such stop is found at the rear.

Given the omer

product reliability, any type of vehicle can be parked with the heaviest section – that is the engine / transmission compartment at the front of the vehicle – set on the unsupported part of the platform as this does not compromise the platform in any way.

the underlying

part of the platform is supported by a steel skeleton that ensures the utmost reliability.
By varying the width of the side platform profile (as indicated in the photo) it is possible to adapt the width of the platform to the customer’s car, increasing the support space.

The two bases

on which the Rex PF legs slide are secured to the ground with mechanical anchors.
The wheels are installed with wear-resistant plastic bushes that prevent friction and thus extend the life of the unit.
Likewise, the fixed frame has a base secured to the ground with mechanical anchors; it, too, installed with a pin inserted into the wear-resistant plastic bushings. This certainly increases the product lifespan

The hydraulic system

is composed of two pistons (manufactured by Omer S.p.A.), each fitted with a differential valve able to read differences in oil pressure.
If such changes occur (for example, if a hydraulic connection breaks or there is a major oil leak), the solenoid valve immediately closes the connection between the piston and the hydraulic connections, thus preventing oil from flowing out of the piston.

Moreover, two separate limit switches are set on a shaft to the left of the piston (see photo) and used to regulate platform travel.
The third limit switch (seen in the photo) is a safety back-up which cuts in if in the unlikely event of a double failure.

The junction box

connecting the machine to the electrical control panel is set on the lower spacer of the fixed point leg, thus ensuring utmost accessibility.
All systems are pre-installed on the unit to aid in a quick and smooth installation.
The photo shows how the electric circuit is perfectly integrated into the machine, while still easily accessible for maintenance.

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-RexPF