Vitesse high pressure concept

Vitesse high pressure concept

Save up to 20 % time

Time is scarce, especially in the wash business. At peak times clients don’t want to wait too long for their wash and a high capacity machine can be a true competitive edge. Our solution for this challenge is the Vitesse Concept!

The Vitesse-concept is a unique combination of special functions which are installed on the front side of the unit. High pressure system with 8 oscillating nozzles per side which move at an angle of 25°, a distinct foam applicator with special Vitesse side nozzles and optimized internal processes. In conventional roll-over wash units the first foam run, the high-pressure pre-wash and the brush wash is done in 3 runs, but here all the functions are completed in one single run. So the Vitesse-Concept saves 2 runs per wash and saves washing times per wash and therefore the unit’s capacity is significantly increased!

This concept is only available with Christ machines and has been wildly successful since its launch in 2012. At costs of 2-5%* of the machine price the upgrade can give you up to 20% more capacity and will pay for itself within short order.

The high pressure bars each contain four 0° nozzles. Those oscillate 25°, driven by an encapsulated electric motor. The electric motor makes sure that 100% of the high pressure is used for cleaning the car and no energy is wasted creating the oscillation.

*Price can vary depending on the machine and features



Comparison of wash program




Your benefit:

•  Saves 2 runs per wash
•  Saves more than 1:30 min per wash
•  20% more capacity
•  Up to 2 washes more per hour


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Manufacturer’s website : Christ-Wash-System

Product website : Christ-Wash-System-Hp-Vitesse