Mall – Coalescing separator


Mall – NeutraSed Sludge Trap

Neutraplus II 1

Mall – NeutraPlus II Petrol Separator

neutrastar I 3

Mall – NeutraStar I Coalescence separator


Mall – Neutracom I


Mall – NeutraSpin I


Mall – NeutraCheck

Fuel separator (Class II) and coalescence separator (Class I)


Contribution of the DIN messages "Remarks on the production of the standard-compliant condition when dimensioning, operating and inspecting separation systems according to DIN 1999-100 and DIN 1999-101".


Light, mineral oil separator according to DIN 1999-100 / EN 858 part 1 and 2 are considered from the functional areas of sludge trap, oil or petrol separator, coalescence and sample shaft in the direction of flow.


In the oil or petrol separator, light mineral materials are separated from the wastewater due to their lower density in water and rise to the surface. There they form a floating layer which must be professionally removed when the level is high. The small oil droplets, which are not separated, settle on an oil-friendly carrier material and combine to form a large oil droplet (coalescence). This dissolves, floats and is therefore separable. A sludge trap is connected upstream of the oil separator or petrol separator. Solids in the waste water such as sand and sludge settle there.


Warning device:

According to EN 858 / DIN 1999-100, an alarm system must always be installed if the required elevation of a separation system cannot be maintained due to local conditions. To the NeutraStop warning device


Equindus proposes :

•General inspection

 Before commissioning and at regular intervals not exceeding 5 years, after complete emptying and cleaning, the separation system must be checked by a specialist for proper condition and function (DIN 858 / 1999-100).

•Expertise courses, current dates

•Maintenance contract / maintenance