Omer – Ralla


Ralla is a turntable that is adaptable for narrow spaces, where manoeuvering with a vheicle is practically impossibile. Easy to use, it can turn the car through 360° where it has been parked thus facilitating a way out from the narrow space. Completely electronic it can be provided with a remote control. This turntable has been developed in different sizes of diameter and capacities up to 8 meters in diameter and 8 tons capacity.



is a swivel platform designed for areas where manoeuvring the vehicle is particularly complex. Truly simple to use, the Ralla 25 is also available in a tileable version, which allows total discretion on the existing floor for a successful aesthetic effect.


the Ralla 25 has eleven main structural elements:

 -Four platform wedges
– Four wheel guides embedded in the construction work
– A structure connecting to the underlying circular rack
– Panel covering the connection structure
– Motor assembly

Each of the wedge-shaped

sections of the Ralla 25 has four polyurethane wheels, reducing the amount of unsupported space to the barest minimum and thus preventing deformation of the platform due to uneven weights. This also significantly reduces noise.

The Polyurethane wheels

are secured to the structure with mechanical pins, hooked onto a “U”-shaped structure welded to the platform.

The connection structure

is a cross-shaped element welded on the top.

Once the four sections

of the platform have been secured to the connection structure, they are closed by a covering panel that ensures a uniform finish.

The pit edging profile

also serves as track for the wheels, thus preventing the wear that would ensue if they ran on rough concrete. Each part of the edge has a flange for securing to the next part, thus ensuring that it creates a solid guide structure. Moreover, some iron consolidation pieces are welded on the back of the guide to ensure that the unit is solidly secured to the concrete.

One of the four sections

has a hatch for inspection of the motor and for maintenance.

The connection structure

is snapped into the central rotation pin in the underlying area.

The central rotation pin

– set on the motor assembly and fit with thrust bearings to completely absorb compression due to weight – is used to accommodate the connection structure.

The gearmotor

is one with the structure supporting the central rotation pin. The gearmotor is built so that it is easy to install and does not allow for coupling errors.

The rotation pinion

is coupled to the turntable’s circular rack by shifting the gearmotor assembly forward and back. This movement is enabled by just two slots located on the side of the assembly itself; moreover, once coupling has been completed, it can be locked in place with two securing bolts.


of the circular rack applied to the turntable connection structure on the central rotation pin

The gearmotor

assembly – with central rotation pin and rotation pinion – is connected to the circular rack.

Detail of the gearmotor

with rotation pinion. This photo shows the slots, fit with securing bolts, set on both the front (for right – left adjustment) and on the side (for forward – back adjustment).

Finally, the pusbutton control panel

with buttons to control clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation plus emergency button and safety key.

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Ralla-25