Omer – Tecnopark


Tecnopark ia an automatic parking system with a high density of cars’ storage which allows you to optimize the space available in areas such as court yards, old garages or the basements of city centre buildings.



is equipped of an entry cell where the car’s owner leave the vehicle on top of a platform, which will park the car.

Once the owner get out from the entry cell, the system, through out some laser scanners, Will check the vehicle and his size, in order to verify they will be into the platform and avoid any car’s damage, during the moving and parking process.

One arrow lighting panel

placed on the wall in front of the entrance, will help the driver to park in the best way possible, through some indicating arrows of car’s positiong. When all arrows will be all green, driver can leave the vehicle in a complete secure position.

Entry cell

is equipped of VCC system (optional) in order to verify that, before moving the platform, everything is complying with security norms and regulations.

Furthermore, entry cell

is equipped by a photocells barriers system, for a further checking of the car’s length. They are placed at the beginning and at the end of the platform, avoing any movement in case the car will get out of the platform itself.

The structure of the parking spot of product Tecnopark

is composed by a transfer system, called transfer cell and by a platform.

Transfer cell

as a whole, has several elements, which determine the quality.
Photo from above point out the complex of the transfer cell, done, by the way, for an optimal and silent functioning. Principal feature is given by the fact that, both long and short sides are equipped by transfer chain.


Chains turn

around on their own axes. For lateral transfer, the two transfer cell’s short sides rise up, overrunning the mechanism of long sides and, chains of two short sides, rolling, let the platform move aside. On the other hand, when the short sides lower down under mechanism of long sides’ level, platform will move in longitudinal direction.

Take note

about long side’s chain and gimbals related to a short side, which transfer the movement from the engine to the chains to let them roll.

Machine’s heart

in composed by the engines, one each side, by gearmotors, one each side and gimbals. Longer ones are related to the short side, shorter ones (in the photo) are related to the movements of the longer sides.

A detail of the motor

gearmotor and oil tank for lifting pistons of the short side.

Electrical junction’s

box is placed above the structure of the transfer cell, easy to manage, either for installation and maintenance.
Detail of short side clearly shows the structure of chain movement.

Rolling chains

are equipped by acoustic isolation of a very high level, to avoid running on iron on top of iron, which would produce unacceptable noise. Under the chain is placed a Teflon protection (the green one), on top of the chain, where the platform run, there is a vulcanized rubber protection, for a lifetime of many years.

The platform

for moving cars is completely flat and smooth, allowing a very easy parking without precedents, where positioning the cars has no limits, inside the platform itself.


the thickness of the platform itself has reduced overall dimensions, certifying compactness of the system.

To prevent loosening

of the chain of the longer side, th chain itsef has been splitted in two parts.
In order to make, by the way, the chain one unique body, inside the transfer cell, the two parts of the chain of the longer side are joint by a connecting chain and related pinions.


is very careful to the details. Please, take note of the precision as the gimbal connected to the connecting chain which, rolling, move the chain itself to transfer the platform along the longer side.

The long side junction

assembly involves a chain support section, joined by a bolting system.

Rotation pinions

of connecting chain are bolt to the transfer cell structure throughout a bearing support, for a smooth rotation and highly silent. Furthermore bearing system assures a very long lifetime.

Shors side structure has been studied on the smallest details, in order to guarantee a perfect functioning of the product to a level of quality definitely to the top.

Two hydraulic

pistons allow the lifting of the short side which, in turn, allows the transfer of the platform.

A torsion bar

which run on two short tooth rack, doesn’t allow the unbalancing of the short side at the time of lifting, allowing to the short side itself to move up in a perfect symmetric way.

The pinions

On the detail we can appreciate the pinions of the torsion bar, bound to the rack of the short side.

The piston

As we can see, the piston push up the short side, whilst the torsion bar keep the element perfectly levelled

At the moment of lifting

(or lowering, depending on what direction of the platform) of the short side of transfer cell, two sliding blocks, loaded with molybdenum disulphide (a kind of material in order to reduce drastically any kind of friction), counterbalance the push of the torsion bar, on the opposite side of the same, on the short side.


which allow rotation of the chains, are in galvanized stainless steel, whilst the more specific toothed part, over the galvanization, is also hardened, for a lifetime with no limits.

the structure

of support is equipped with a chain tensioner, in order to be able to adjust the tensions of the chains for an optimal functioning, and of a positioning sensor of the platform, which allows the perfect positioning of the same.

Beside the platform

positioning sensor, which establish where the same has to stop, transfer cell is equipped also of two magnetic sensors, for the up and down positioning of the short side.

On the correspondence

of the magnetic sensors, there is the point magnet, placed on the structure of the transfer cell.

In order to avoid

any kind of noise and vibration, transferred from the system to the building in which it will be installed, transfer ceel can be equipped with anti vibrations pads, with very high absorption power.

These kind

of pads are installed in advance of the transfer cell and, on top of them, rests the system, keeping it isolated by the complete building.


At the end of the installation, Tecnopark has a compactness without precedent, with a so high level of qualitywhich guarantees a perfect functioning and an average lifetime of tens of years.

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Tecnopark