Protect shine Xpress

A very clever overall concept!

PROTECT SHINE Xpress is an overall concept for a special wax programme of the next generation with 3 components: in addition to the special wax application with its own programme sequence, PROTECT SHINE Xpress includes the specially developed special wax from Christ CAR CARE and a wide range of marketing tools for the plant operator. Altogether PROTECT SHINE Xpress is an impressive premium offer for your customers!


The special wax with repair effect

PROTECT SHINE is a premium special wax from Christ CAR CARE. The combination of long-term conservation, repair effect and a special shiny gloss for the paintwork makes this product an absolutely unique selling proposition on the market. The effectiveness of PROTECT SHINE is increased by each further application. From continual use the car wash customer will notice the benefits and therefore be willed to pay for this, which in turn will result in an increase in revenue for the wash operator.

 A new car has a smooth surface. The light is reflected evenly.

 The surface is damaged and scratched with time, the gloss decreases.

 PROTECT SHINE is applied after the wash and attaches itself to the car´s surface.

 If applied regularly, a protective layer is created. Small scratches are being filled.

 The finish is smooth and glossy once again.


The perfect add-on to the Vitesse option:
PROTECT SHINE Xpress equipment

The special wax from Christ CAR CARE and the PROTECT SHINE Xpress equipment for Christ wash systems are perfectly synchronised to ensure the optimal wax application and the best possible conservation quality. The highest efficiency is achieved with the combination of the PROTECT SHINE Xpress equipment and the Vitesse option.

PROTECT SHINE is applied by its own fan nozzle heads that allow a large-volume foamed wax application. The washing customer benefits from this exclusive long-term conservation in the washing process and with increased use, the quality becomes better. This in turn, again, results in higher wash prices being able to be charged.

In combination with the Vitesse-concept and the Christ-exclusive direct drive, the unique Xpress programme sequence is possible: unlike other similar products from other vendors PROTECT SHINE Wax doesn’t need to be dried half way through or washed off at the end. A high-pressure washing with PROTECT SHINE conservation is possible with its own programme sequence in only about 6 minutes, which corresponds to a capacity increase of approximately 40% compared to systems from its competitors. The full plant capacity therefore can be maintained, with the long-term conservation product, because the high turnover PROTECT SHINE premium offer can be actively sold in busy times by the plant operator, without long waiting times for the customers.

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