• for carrier, industrial and disposal companies
• for commercial vehicle wash units
• lateral brushes with double bearing
• optimal contact pressure of the brushes
• special wash programs

The TAURUS unit type was developed especially for carrier, industrial and disposal companies, as well as commercial vehicle wash units.

Thanks to this unit type’s wide range of accessories, no requirement is left unfulfilled.

The logically-built machine equipmentb and the drive units that have been tried and tested thousands of times around the world from Christ are the central pillar of this wash unit design.

The specialist

Optimal contact pressure of the brushes

The wash brushes are controlled electronically (PLC); the brush contact pressure is regulated, which therefore guarantees a contour following and gentle vehicle wash, as well as ensuring that even the most difficult vehicle contours are washed gently and effectively.


Frequency-controlled traction drive

Frequency-controlled traction drives guarantee that the installation starts and stops gently, which cares for the traction drives and the tracks. With motion speeds of between 6 and 18 m/min, extremely short wash times can be achieved.


Special wash programs

In addition to the standard additional programs that are available, such as “Windscreen mirror”, “Loading ramp protection” or “Interspace wash”, we also offer a wide range of special washing programs. These include silo vehicles and tankers, material or disposal vehicles.


Lateral brushes with double bearing

The double brush bearings ensure that even difficult vehicle contours such as those on tankers, silo or special vehicles are washed with care. This also ensures that the pallet boxes and the underride guard are cleaned.




Manufacturer’s website : Christ-Wash-System

Product website : Christ-Wash-System-Taurus