Aquatus prime

The Christ AQUATUS PRIME model is the star of washing gantries. With innovative analysis technology, it is possible to design programs without compromise and more flexible than ever. Whether conventional roller washing or pure contactless cleaning, anything is possible with our AQUATUS PRIME. Even the most complex washing courses, combining the two washing philosophies (contactless and brush washing), ensure an incomparable flow of water. The innovative Scan-X technology accurately detects the contours of vehicles and allows extremely precise washing cycles and the efficient use of the most diverse modules. This makes it possible, for example, to better clean and dry even the most complex vehicle forms. In addition,

Each car wash is followed by a complete drying process. Compared to other models in the range, the AQUATUS PRIME has been fitted with reinforced Premium drying. With its 16 kW, the swivel dryer and the powerful side drying guarantee dry vehicles and satisfied customers.

The AQUATUS PRIME range has been specially designed for customers who are extremely demanding in terms of car washing and who do not want to compromise. The AQUATUS PRIME model appeals to all market segments, from the petrol station to the professional washing center, including dealers, all consolidated by the performance of the AQUATUS PRIME range which meets the most stringent requirements.

Your advantage:

• Great customer loyalty thanks to an excellent washing experience ranging from normal brush washing to the roller with Speed ​​option to the high-end brushless combination without contact.

• Combined washing increases the price of washing.

• Attract new customers thanks to impeccable contactless washing (brushless washing)

• Improved customer satisfaction thanks to cleaner and drier vehicles taking advantage of the innovative vehicle detection function.

• Impeccable operation even in the case of special vehicle forms (eg ski locker) thanks to the intelligent system control.

    Brush wash

With the AQUATUS PRIME, you do not have to make any compromises even when washing with a brush. Particularly during peak hours, it allows, thanks to the Speed ​​concept, to wash vehicles without loss of results. The AQUATUS PRIME is obviously equipped with our innovative Direct drive drive system. Other functions are available for this Premium model which will be presented to you.

Many attractive options are available for the AQUATUS PRIME range, including FOAM SPLASH. This makes it easy to stand out from the competition and offer the customer a small advantage.

Successfully used and continuously optimized for 15 years, the horizontal nozzle which follows the contours has a pivoting capacity up to 140 ° and surrounds without problems both the shapes of sports cars and those of vans. With 16 kW, the Premium drying of the AQUATUS PRIME guarantees impeccable vehicle drying and customer satisfaction.

    Contactless washing

Washing without brushes places special demands on the washing station. The AQUATUS PRIME is equipped with an ideal multi-stage high pressure chemical system. To achieve optimal cleaning of even the most difficult to access parts of vehicles, the Turbo-Stream unit can be lowered up to 30 cm above the ground and rotated by 185 °. Thanks to these innovative technologies, the AQUATUS PRIME also provides excellent cleaning results even without contact.

In a multi-step process, several types of chemicals are applied and thus ensure perfect dissolution of impurities. Two types of chemicals are included in the standard version. Optionally, up to 4 types of chemicals can be used.






Powerful and according to the contours, the high pressure of the AQUATUS PRIME ensures perfect dissolution of impurities and thus a careful cleaning of the vehicle surfaces. The turbobuses used ensure an impeccable finish even without contact.





By means of turbobuses and an oscillating movement on the side of the vehicle, the lateral high pressure system guarantees optimal washing. Even tall vehicles are freed of their impurities by automatically connecting additional nozzles.




    Washing programs – without compromise

Of course, the AQUATUS PRIME also allows the configuration of conventional washing programs to be competitive also in all washing price categories.

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