Omer – Store-Park


Store-Park is an easy to install and easier to use semi automatic system.
In comparison with traditional parking spots, Store-Park system multiplies the spots, making it possible to nearly double them.
The system is composed of modules and it can be replicated, if there is enough space, in order to handle hundreds of cars.


Both the platforms (upper one which is longer and lower one shorter) are made of slats, making a smooth, user-friendly, platform.

Storepark structure

Once the car is parked, the system allows the user to easily get out.

The platform is made

so that the wheel stopper helps the driver to find the right position of the car.

The lower platform

bit shorter than the upper one, in order to allow sliding movements. It still allows to park long cars as well.

The upper platform

with it’s 5,2mt length, allows the user to park basically every kind of cars with ease.

Given the big size of the car, there is a lot of space on the sides left, allowing the user to easily get off the car

it’s clear the versatility of the Store-Park, just by looking at the picture.

 STORE-PARK Structure

is completely self standing. This means a great versatility since there is no need for supporting walls.

The columns

are bolted together, connected by beams.

On the short side, the structure is completed, by some beams bolted on the columns, creating a really tough structure.

All of the system’s electrical cables and motors are placed on the upper beams, making it easier to install.

Connection system

of structure’s bars with columns is further supported by counter plates that makes it more stable.

A view from above shows the toughness of the system

The traffic light

has three colours. Red for the system functioning, green for the system available for use and yellow for anomaly.

Every three modules there’ll be a “close doors” push button board since, for safety reasons, the doors must always be closed manually (dead man procedure).

The electrical panel

is very compact. The touchscreen control panel can be placed together with the electrical panel or in a separate unit.

The electric motors

are placed vertically over the first column of every module. This way the encumbrance at the ground level is limited and the maintenance easier.

The sliding system of the lower

platform is made by a tooth bar, placed behind the system, parallel to the entrance.

Each of the lower platforms have a tooth gear that hooks on the tooth bar and, by turning, allows the platform to slide one side or the other.


The movement of the lower platform

is made through a hydraulic cylinder placed under one of the sides. It is connected to a chain that allows the movement when it is put in action.

Next to the tooth bar there’s a cam that, when moved by the sliding platform, it activates a limit switch that stops the platform.

The limit switch

positioned on the platform, at the moment of contact with the cam, positioned on the ground, causes the platform to stop in the correct position.

Detail of the connection between piston and movement chain.

The upper

platform moves vertically along the columns, through a chain return system.

The chain system

connects the column to the upper beams through torsion bars and pinions.

The torsion bar

which is placed over the column, allows the upper platform to lift in a perfectly balanced way, without the risk of unbalance.

Every module has a torsion bar.

Every upper platform has an additional mechanical safety lock that, in case of a chain failure, it will activate and hook on the column’s rack.

This mechanical safety lock is installed at every corner of the platform and they’re connected by a sensor, so that if one is put in action, the other three will start working as well at the same time, avoiding unbalancing of the platform.

The standard door system

(be it manual or automatic) includes a door made of 4 panels for every module.


(automatiques et manuelles) comporte une porte, composée de quatre panneaux, pour chaque module du système.

Each panel is made by a galvanized grid, and an anodised aluminium structure, in order to keep it light but tough.

All the doors have a electrical safety lock.
A locking pin is installed on the door itself while the lock itself is installed on the door frame. When the pin get into the lock, the system lock the door. It can be opened only by the parking code of that specific parking spot.

The rail where the doors slides

is placed in the lower part of the structure. The electrical system that moves it is placed beside the rail.

The electrical moving system

is connected to the door by a couple of hot galvanized hooks. This system allows the door to slide when the connection hook is pulled and pushed by the movement chain.

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Store-park