Magnum 5


• semi-stationary wash
• stationary wash
• used in short wash halls too


Large fleets require fast and effective washing technology. The big challenge is performing a complete wash on the front, side, roof and rear surfaces of the vehicles in order to minimise operating costs over a short washing time. In order to achieve this, the MAGNUM- 5 can be operated in the bus wash operating concept (semi-stationary operation) and / or in the commercial wash operating concept (overrun wash).

The innovative 5 washing roller concept of the MAGNUM- 5 provides the perfect combination of quality and quantity for vehicle washing and is therefore especially recommended for cleaning in shift operation at transport companies, as a powerful commercial vehicle wash unit or for large courier companies to clean their fleet. Furthermore, the MAGNUM-5 also has all of the equipment features of the basic MAGNUM version.


The fastest of its kind

The optimum brush contact pressure

The optimum brush contact pressure is controlled by our electronically-controlled wash brushes and provides you with a contour following and gentle vehicle wash. Therefore, even the difficult contours on your vehicle can be washed gently and effectively.

Automatic start

In our semi-stationary wash concept, the driver no longer needs to get out. The automated washing process starts immediately after positioning the vehicle. This therefore ensures the fastest wash times.




Manufacturer’s website : Christ-Wash-System

Product website : Christ-Wash-System-Magnum-5


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