Omer – Mono


The Mono is a versatile goods lift and O.ME.R. manufacturing distinguishes itself in producing robust industrial goods lifts. A load capacity ranging from 750 Kg to 1500Kg and a platform size that can be adapted to suit the customer’s makes this product highly flexible. Furthermore the robust structure allows it to lift up any kind of goods.


The load-bearing capacity

of the Omer SPA material lifting platforms ranges from 750 Kg to 1,500 Kg.
This means that the machine structure is rated for heavy-duty lifting. Consequently one can say that the Omer SPA goods lift platforms are an essential for industrial users.

The structure

is composed of two columns – welded together to form a single block which ensures the greatest structural stiffness – and a central hydraulic cylinder (manufactured by Omer SPA) connected to a special control unit.

The column structure

(clearly visible in the photo) is connected by a series of horizontal steel plates, thus making the structure itself even more rigid.
The piston is located at the centre of the columns and is proportioned according to platform capacity.

The control

unit is composed of an oil tank, an electrical panel and an Electro-hydraulic pump. The complete assembly takes up less than a square metre of space and ensures easy access for maintenance and control.

The main parts

of the unit are all positioned between the two columns, including all electrical connections and the junction box. This position ensures easy access for periodic maintenance and servicing requirements.


has low voltage electric limit switches to provide for two speed operation. These systems can be adjusted according to the location demands.

When the platform

passes the limit switch, it first activates the slow down switch and then activates the stop command.

The structure is made

of transverse tubular profiles running along the entire platform, thus ensuring extraordinary sturdiness, and the capability of lifting significant weight (1,500 Kg.)

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Mono