C7000 SOA

Catenary Wash Concept


The train wash unit model C7000 SOA can be designed for stationary, semi-stationary or mobile washing of trains and trams with pantographs.
This are 2 lateral units without traverse. The concept C7000 SOA could adepted with additional stationary sidebrushes model C1000 SOA.




The round front and rear surfaces can also be cleaned by the hinged, swivelling, split, horizontal brushes.



Wash results

The side cylinders are controlled by an active power measurement for even and thorough wash results. Even slightly curved side panels are cleaned perfectly by the different trimming lengths of the brush shaft.




The vehicle wash can still be carried out despite the pantograph being folded out with the 2 swivelling split horizontal wash cylinders. Even rounded vehicle front surfaces are spotlessly cleaned due to both brush halves being able to be adjusted to various angles. Drying blowers are also optionally available for the TRAINWASH at a surcharge.





Stationary wash features :

• All washing areas possible

•Medium to long washing times depending on vehicle length and washing sequence appropriate length for wash hall / wash plates neccesary


Semi-stationary features:

•All washing areas possible

•Short to medium washing times depending on vehicle length and washing sequence

•Short washing hall / wash plates possible


Additional equipment

In addition to the split horizontal brush there is the possibility to have the system equipped with an OPTI 3D brush. Particularly difficult contours are no problem for the OPTI 3D brush.

The brush can also be placed as a roof slanted brush and well as a skirting brush.




Manufacturer’s website : Christ-Wash-System

Product website : Christ-Wash-System-C7000-SOA