Cashier system

Cashier system / Customer loyalty

Wash-Manager – Customer loyalty with system

Professional customer loyalty system with loyalty cards (prepaid cards with integrated transponder as value or flatrate cards). Advantage: The wash customer identifies with your company due to the additional bonus credit (depending on the charged value). He will happily return and recommend your facility. This is fraud protected. With this system the marketing and staff planning can be optimized.


All-in-one Wash Manager WT cashier system and customer loyalty

Portable stainless steel operation counter with integrated touchscreen, electric cashier drawer, additional drawer, front doors and integrated desktop PC System with operator software for cashier personnel / pre-wash personnel. Reading devices: Card reader for transponder cards and additional barcode reader for scanning items with barcodes. Additionally includes complete bakkoffice administrative server with software package Christ Wash Manager

Features of service counter software:

• Simple operation
• Direct program selection
• Program is submitted directly to the wash tunnel
• Advanced price management (e.g. happy hour)
• Product group management for articles with barcode
• Secure and consistent accounting, either cash payment (booked by staff via chip technology) or payment via loyalty card

The cashier system is also available without service counter as „drive-in cashier“.


Consultation by wash professionals

Characteristics of the software package Christ Wash Manager (Backoffice administrative server):

• Company and private customer address administration
• Active profit control and evaluation
• Price and bonus scaling, happy hour function
• Targeted marketing promotions, complete statistics
• Data security through personalisation of customer cards


Manufacturer’s website : Christ-Wash-System

Product website : Christ-Wash-System-Cashier-System