Omer – Hyperlift 80 4C


HYPERLIFT is, by definition, the top of the range of platform lifts of O.ME.R. SpA.
With a capacity of 8 tons, (% tons with the roof option), it can rise up, beside of any kind of vehicle, also small trucks, trailers, and transportation vehicles of medium sizes.
It is very useful for industrial application, on request it can be equipped with cabin and doors on board.
Security level of this machine is, definitely, one of the best point of O.ME.R. SpA production.


The four posts

of which the Hyperlift is composed and all mechanical handling, are adequately protected by a metal anodized net structure, in order to avoitd the person on board risks to get into unpleasant situation during the movement of the platform lift.

The protection

of the column and mechanical handling has an height of 2,40 mt. to avoid that anybody, which stay onto the platform could, in any case, touch the mechanical handlings of the same. In case it is necessary, protection can be used like support of lighting system (optional).

The column

and mechanical handlings are composed by a lifting piston, two returning chains, one tooth rack and the real structure of the column itself. The massive structure of the together of the components, grants a stability of the platform lift unmatched.
On the detail it can appreciated the robustness of the supporting structure.

Each single piston

is equipped by two structural returning chains, which allow to double the length of the piston itself.
In this way we can easily get the double of the length of the piston rod, without compromise the stability of the platform lift.
The Hyperlift can easily get up to 16 mt. travel.

The pulley structure

is assemble in a way doesn’t allow, in any case, the spillage of the chains from their natural base.
The pins are interlocks and the steel structure, which surround the chains is placed for the security of the same.

The platform

is equipped by a stopping wheels system, in order to place the car in the correct position and not interfere with control systems, which allow the functioning of the platform itself.
Furthermore, the stopping wheel itself works like a stop in order to avoid the vehicle moves while the platform is travelling, in case the hand break has been forgot.


Hyperlift has been studied in order to function with person on board, therefore the push button board is placed on top of the platform, sustained by a steel thin column.
Aesthetic of the push button board is really attractive and, along with normal buttons of up and down, is equipped with an emergency button and an auto-dialer which, at its activation, start dialling seven different numbers, until to get the first free to answer and rescue the person trapped in.
This device is standard.

If necessary, a second push button board will be placed on the opposite side, of the platform (optional), in case the boarding of the car will be done through both short sides.

The landing Push button

boards are equipped with all buttons for functioning and security, such as the stop button, access key and closing doors button. Assuming that the landing push button boards could be installed outside, they have a water level protection IP 54

The Platform

is perfectly balanced from a torsion bars system, placed underneath the platform itself. The bars system, which is running along the columns throughout four tooth rack (one each column), works in a way that, even though the weight on top of the platform is misplaced or misbalanced, the platform keeps moving in a perfect flat way. Furthermore, the torsion bars system works in a way that the four pushing pistons, placed one per column, work all together simultaneously, without decompensation of pressure.

Torsion bar

The longitudinal and transversal torsion bars are joint together by bevel gearboxes, in a way that rotation of torsion bars, both longitudinal and transversal, happens in a synchronous and stable.


of torsion bars happens throughout toothed pinions which scroll along toothed rack, welded to the platform lift’s columns.
Being a scrolling throughout mechanical toothed system, it is practically impossible a torsion of the platform in any moment.


is equipped by a mechanical locking system at the floor which allows to avoid any kind of gasp, at the moment that the vehicle goes up onto the platform.
Normally, if the platform would be sustained at the floor with oil pressure, it tends to dilate, without any weight on top of the platform and, at the moment that the car goes up onto the platform suddenly compressed down, given by the weight, giving the very unpleasant sensation to the driver to fall down few centimeters.
This mechanical locking system, avoid completely this unpleasant situation.

Furthermore, without a mechanical locking system at the floor, the platform stay standing on the oil pressure all the time, forcing the complete hydraulic system to stay on pressure. The mechanical locking system allows the hydraulic system to get emptied, once the run is finished and, therefore, relax for all the time the machine is not working, lengthening the lifetime of the machine itself.

Manufacturer’s website : Omerpark

Product website : Omerpark-Hyperlift-80-4C