Mall – NeutraStar I Coalescence separator

Coalescence Separator (Class I) NeutraStar

also holds the certificate issued by the Austrian Standards Institute in accordance with ÖNORM B 5101.

Benefits :

Highly efficient coalescence level
Good accessibility of the coalescence facility
Automatic locking device
Suitable for biodiesel
Open-cell PU insert
According to DIN EN 858, DIN 1999-100 and DIN 1999-101

According to EN 858 / DIN 1999-100 / -101, with automatic locking

Compared to a petrol separator, which separates light liquids contained in the waste water by gravity only, an additional physical process of coalescence is coalescing efficiently.

The wear-free coalescence insert of Neutra separators is easy to remove, check and, if necessary, clean. It is not necessary to empty the container.

The automatic closure of the separator automatically blocks the emptying when the maximum oil storage capacity of the separator is reached.

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Product PDF  : Mall-NeutraStarI