Mall – Neutracom I

Coalescence separator (Class I) and NeutraCom sludge trap

Benefits :

Just one building, one relocation process…
One entry and one exit
Compact design with a small footprint
Corrosion-resistant built-in parts designed for continuous use
Functional elements can be viewed, removed and reinserted from above, even when the system is full, without the contents having to be thrown away first
Reduced installation and operating costs
Large oil storage volume (> 500 litres)

According to DIN EN 858 / DIN 1999-100 / -101, with automatic locking

NeutraCom is a Class I separator with automatic closure and sludge trap in one building, optionally with or without integrated sampling device.

The coalescence module with drain construction and self-closing forms an easily accessible unit on the drain side of the system. The coalescence module consists of a wear-free plastic fabric and is designed for continuous use. The module can be easily removed and reinserted without tools and without emptying the contents for cleaning. For general inspection, the sealing bladders can be adjusted without disassembling the inlet and outlet parts.

The optional integrated sampling chamber allows a representative sample to be taken directly from the wastewater stream with a standard bottle without suction, pumping or settling processes.

Manufacturer’s website : Mall

Product PDF  : Mall-NeutraCom I