Mall – NeutraSed Sludge Trap

NeutraSed sludge trap for petrol separators and coalescence separators

Benefits :

Sludge trap: 650 – 18,300 litres
According to EN 858, DIN 1999-100 and 1999-101
50% of the volume is used to store sludge
The volume flow is introduced into the container in a flow optimised manner
Adapted to the respective requirements of different manufacturers
Pre-assembled ready for connection
Seamless reinforced concrete container
IB or PE-HD lining according to standards
Manhole parts according to DIN V 4034-1, including pre-lubricated mechanical seal and load transmission ring

Internal coating with proof of strength resistance for biodiesel

NeutraSed is a sludge trap in accordance with EN 858 / DIN 1999-100 for petrol and coalescence separators with a standard-compliant inner lining and proof of resistance for biodiesel.

The light, liquid-resistant inner lining is treated in several layers on the pre-treated surface.

Manufacturer’s website : Mall

Product PDF  : Mall-NeutraSed