TEN Automotive presents a complete new high resolution diesel smoke tester, the TEN LPA. The European Commission requires that new diesel
vehicles comply with the European EURO 5 and 6 norm to reduce smoke particulate emission in order to improve the air quality. Excisting smoke
meters have a low resolution, too low to measure the emission levels of EURO 5 and 6 diesel vehicles. The LPA is able to measure very low emsission levels. Using the latest technology, the TEN LPA is able to detect DPF malfunctioning or other engine system failures that cause higher emissions.


Modern diesel vehicles have advanced exhaust systems that possess a DOC, wall-flow DPF and SRC to reduce up to 99.9% of the harmful emissions. To detect defects in one of these components, a measuring range of 0.5 m-1 in high resolution is required. No problem for the LPA.

The TEN LPA is a partial flow smoke meter. Reliable, robust and dynamic, following each acceleration without any problem. The TEN LPA measures according to the light absorption principle. Equipped with an InGaN led, an accurate heating system to condition to smoke chamber and various sensors, the TEN LPA ensures a precise measurement. The full aluminium chamber and other A-quality components ensure a trouble free operation for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks.

Spécifications :

Dimensions :
420 x 250 x 450 mm (L x P x H)
Weight 8 kg

Power :
90 – 250 Vac
50 – 60 Hz
Max. 200W

 ambiente temperature :
0 – 40 ºC

measuring range :
0,00 – 99,99 % HSU
0.000 – 9.999 m-1
0,0 – 849,9 mg/m3

Resolution :
0,01 % HSU
0.001 m-1
0,1 mg/m3

zero Stability :
0.005 m-1

Static accuracy (filter) :
1 %

sample probe :
2 mtr Ø10 mm (voitures particulières)
3,5 mtr Ø27 mm (camions)

connectivity :
RS323, USB et Bluetooth

Manufacturer’s website : Ten-Automotive

product website : Ten-Automotive-LPA