Maha – MET 6.3 Combi Tester

MET-SERIES | Emission Tester Combi Tester Petrol/Diesel


Emission tester stands out due to limited weight and compact design
Short warm-up time, quick measurement readiness
One single probe sufficient for diesel and petrol
Accurate analysis of gas components HC, CO, CO2, O2 with lambda value calculation
Time-saving and easy testing/diagnosis of opacity/particle concentration using the partial flow method with free acceleration or engine under load
Intuitive operation, clear structure in emissions testing process as set out in current guidelines 5 enable minimum cycle times
The MAHA VCI makes EOBD analysis easy
Innovative condensate separation thanks to active water separator
Easy to maintain thanks to optimum accessibility
Future-proof with the latest technology
All measurement values HC, CO, CO2, O2, K-value, turbidity, particle concentration can be displayed simultaneously

Option:Expandable for NOx analysis; (nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are measured separately)
W-LAN interface

Petrol Tester Module Description:

Partial flow emission tester with display unit (basic device) for analysis of gas components HC, CO, CO2 and O2 with lambda value calculation
Emission testing of CNG, LPG and petrol engines possible

Diesel Tester Module Description: Official German PTB-approval 18.09

Instantaneous or continuous measurement
Options:W-LAN interface

Standard Delivery:

Basic units: gas analyser and opacimeter/particle measurement device in a high-quality synthetic casing with integrated display unit and keypad
Steel mesh emission probe, 600 mm, 2000 mm probe tubing
LAN interface with LAN cable (RJ 45)
Power supply unit 110V – 230V, 50/60Hz
Transparent drain hose for condensed water with collecting tank
Main filter, zero filter and condensate filter
Electrochemical O2 sensor
Trigger tongs for MET 6.3 for inductive RPM measurement at ignition cables
2 replacement filters, 2 replacement seals
Measurement software for continuous measurement and control of MET without country-specific test procedure

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website : Maha-Met6.3 Combi-tester

Product PDF : Maha-Met6.3 Combi-tester