Sidamo – Industrial vacuum cleaner JET 50 P

Dust and water vacuum cleanerPolypropylène tank

Water and dust suction

Product Information:

“Manual unclogging system of the filter using a single buTon
Water-resistant high-efficiency 9.9% Class M cartridge filter
Metal accessories and stainless steel tubes
Storage unit of accessories integrated to the base
Large 2-wheel + 2 castors for a stabilised stability
Anti-crushing shielded hose
Dual-turbine suction
By-pass cooling down system motor designed for heavy-duty jobs (air is sucked by a third turbine on top of the motor, only for cooling down)
Anti-static electricity plate connected to earth
Neoprene power table HO7 RNF length 7 m”

“Standard accessories:
– Bent tubes 2 x 500 mm Ø 40 mm
– hose Ø 40 mm, length 2.5 m
– Dust nozzle – 400 mm
– liquid nozzle – 400 mm
– round brush
– flat nozzle
– round brush fitting
– Class M cartridge filter PTFE

Product PDF : Sidamo – JET50P