Sidamo – Vacuum cleaner DCP 25

Dust and water vacuum cleaner Polyethylene tank

Water and dust suction

Product Information:

Water and dust vacuum cleaner
“”PUSH & CLEAN”” semi automatic unclogging system of the filter using a single buTon
Washable and rot-proof, PET, class M, 99% high-efficiency cartridge filter
Blowing function
Accessory holder
Hose or electric cable holding rubber strap
Storage unit integrated to the base for 2 accessories
Holding system of the wand
Flat head to easily lay down objects
Memory form, 1.9 m-long, Ø 32 mm hose
Easy transport (light and reduced dimensions)
Unbreakable polyethylene tank
Optimal mass center and large rear wheels
Swivelling castors with shock absorber
Moteur by-pass à refroidissement indépendant
Vinyl power cable HO5 VV-F 2G0.75 length 5 m’

Standard accessories:
– Straight tubes 2 x 500 mm Ø 32 mm
– hose Ø 32 mm, length 1,9 m
– Dust & water suctions
– flat nozzle
– Padding nozzle
– Class M cartridge filter PET
– Fabric bag

Product PDF : Sidamo – DCP25