Nederman – Extraction Arm Standard

Extraction Arm Standard

For working environments with fumes, vapours or non explosive dust

Nederman Extraction Arm Standard is specially designed for working environments with fumes, vapours or non explosive dust, where the demands for higher airflows and temperatures are moderate. Typical workplaces can be welding schools, different types of applications in light production. The applications can be welding, grinding, or other industrial processes where an easily positioned arm is required. The arm is available in three lengths, 2, 3 and 4 m (7, 10 and 13 ft.) and equipped with a high efficiency extraction hood.

The arm is flexible in all directions and simple to position
Designed for wall mounting and suspended by an integrated wall bracket 90 degree bend
Allows rotation of 180 degrees
Can be equipped with a damper placed in the bend as an accessory
The hood can be tilted in all directions

Caractéristiques techniques :

Débit (m3/h) : 900

Certifications : CE

Diamètre du bras d’extraction : 160 mm

Température de la fumée : Max 70 C

Installation : intérieur

Niveau sonore : Db 67

Couleur : bleu

Manufacturer’s website : Nederman

Product website  : Nederman-Extraction-Arm-Standard