Garmat – Classic


Lenght: 6 – 7 – 8,2 – 9,4 m
Width: 4 – 4,5 m
Heigth: 3 – 3,3 m


    Three-part entrance off which the central part is personnel door.

Sectional folding door
Drive through booth
Roller shutter door



    The cabin is build with in house made glued sandwich panels filled with either expanded polystyrene or mineral wool (compression 90 kg/m²). By using wool with a 90° tilted fibrous structure, the fibers are transversely glued with the outward steel plates. This increases both the solidity of the glue connections and the compression resistance, which results in a high grade and stable panel. The plates are galvanised (275 g/m²) and powder coated which give them a very high quality and resistent finish.
The panels are mounted in a rust free profile to prevent corrosion at the floor level.
Due to our specific sandwich panel construction, there are no thermo transfers between the in-and outside of the booth.


Depending on the size of the booth, different configurations are possible.
Each light fitting features a reflector.
To reduce operation costs, each fittings is equipped with a condensator.
Hardened, laminated or wired glass.
‘Cool white light’ neon tubes approach daylight.

Plenum and filtering

Plenum features first filter (EU2) and fine filter ‘Viledon’ (EU5).
Partial or complete surface inlet plenum.
Equipped with patented air distribution system to assure a perfect air stream without turbulences.
Plenum can be insulated or singel skinned.


 2 lanes of grated floor
5 x 3 m central grated floor
300 or 400 mm raised floor
Extraction channels along side walls
Extraction through rear wall

Air handling units

Type depends on size of booth and customer demand.
All units have fans and motors with sufficient capacity to generate the specified air flow.
Different burner systems are possible: FUEL – GAS – OPEN FLAME GAS – WARM WATER
Pressure in the booth can be adjusted through manual or semi-automatic damper.
Thermic-acoustic insulated air handling unit is build with easy removable panels.
Motors are installed outside of the polluted air flow.
Units are equipped to operate in spraying and drying mode. To economize on energy during drying, 85% of the air is re- used.
Units can be equipped with heat recuperation batteries.

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