Consul – Z-Line small vehicles to medium transporters

Z-Line 2 post lift type Z235 Edition

Product description :

Professional, base frame free 2-post lift series suitable for lifting of small vehicles (e.g. Smart) and medium transporters (e.g VW T5).

Equipment :

Special rolled section column, turned by 30°
Lifting carriage including 6 maintenance free roller bearings
Bronze load nut / cast alloy safety nut
Short lifting and lowering times due to powerful 2 motor drive with thermal overload protection
Softline push button control, optionally on both sides
Lockable main switch (as required by CE)
Quick connectors for air-supply
High handling safety due to digital microcomputer control
Automatic arm locking mechanism with manual release function
Complete covering of post interior
Acoustic foot protection
Protection class IP54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

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