Consul – 4 cylinder lifts 4.55 MK Quadro SN

Consul 4 ram inground lift 4.55 MK Quadro SN

Product Description: 

Inground lifting equipment with integrated wheel free lift and 2 integrated cassettes for lifting, repairing and wheel alignment of vehicles with an overall weight up to 5.500 kg.

Design features:

2 installation cassettes with hot-dip galvanized profile steel frame
Chrome plated guide and hydraulic pistons
Electro hydraulic drive
Synchronization in every lifting unit mechanically via cross yoke
Synchronization of the lifting units among each other via computerized control system
Electro control with stop valve, acoustic foot protection
Long drive-on ramps made of enforced special profiles
Integrated rail for jacking beam
Cassette cover compeltly hot-dip galvanized
Optional: Automatic floor leveling
Protection class IP54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Manufacturer’s website : Consul

Product website : Consul-4.55 MK Quadro SN

Product PDF : Consul-4.55 MK Quadro SN