Ahcon – TBR1100 Safety Inflation Cage

TBR 1100 Safety Inflation Cage

TBR 1100 DUPLEX is the newest version of our safety inflation cages for truck wheels.

TBR 1100 is made to meet all the individual needs of an advanced workshop and ensuring first-class safety.

TBR 1100 is made of modules for composition of a cage with specific needs. In other words it is possible to achieve exactly the inflation cage, that fits needs and wishes.

All versions of TBR 1100 are only manufactured and delivered with DUPLEX wire mesh – which means a double protection layer.


Offers a high level of safety when inflating truck wheels
Meets all the individual needs of an advanced workshop
TBR 1100 is GS certified – and the first safety inflation cage in the world carrying a certification from an authorized supervisory
Equip the basic cage with the wanted accessories from the list below

TBR 1100 replaces the inflation cages IC1, IC1 UNI, UNI XL and HP2.

It is possible to connect two or more TBR 1100 safety inflation cages. See the pictures to the right.



Max Wheelsizev

H : 1 300 mm / 51,2 pouces
L : 600 mm / 23,6 pouces

Wire Mesh



The workflow of using an inflation cage can be various. It all depends on the structure of the cage.

One way could be like you see it from the pictures:

The valve is connected to the inflation unit
This can both be done on the front – or via the side door if the cage is constructed with that
The wheel is rolled into the cage
The door is closed carefully
Finally the computer inflator is programmed to inflate the tyre
When taking out the wheel from the cage again the roll-out system can be triggered with the foot.

MOVIE: The Safety of AHCON inflation cages

Click to see the short movie showing how an inflation cage protects

The first part of the movie shows a wheel exploding while being inflated outside an inflation cage.

The last part shows you an explosion inside an inflation cage.

Manufacturer’s website : Ahcon

Product website : Ahcon-TBR1100

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