Ahcon – MAXI SAFE Safety Inflation Cage

MAXI SAFE Safety Inflation Cage

Safety inflation cage for the largest of tyres.

The MAXI SAFE inflation cage can be used for inflation of tyres with a height of up to 2.200 mm / 86,6 inches.

Using th MAXI SAFE both improves ergonomics and safety:
The large, heavy wheels are rolled into the cage, and all switches and control panels can be placed in a user friendly height.

MAXI SAFE is fitted with a double door in front and a roll-up door on the left side.

This safety inflation cage is delivered without equipment – but it can be equipped with different kinds of accessories – among others the PCI 1200 computer inflator for 12 bar.


Can be used for inflation of extra large tyres
Also for the inflation of OTR tyres
Equipped with both a front door and a door on the left side

The cages is made of DUPLEX wire mesh – which means a double protection layer.

The picture shows a MAXI SAFE SD cage with a PCI 1200 computer inflator mounted on the side. Look below for the computer and the holder for the computer.



Max Wheelsize

H : 2 200 mm / 86,6 pouces
L : 1 200 mm / 47,2 pouces

Wire Mesh



PCI 1200 Computer Inflator

PCI 1200 is a new user-friendly streamlined computer inflator that is improved according to European standards.

The PCI 1200 is our most recent type of computer inflators which may be used in connection with both AHCON inflation stations and AHCON safety inflation cages.

This computer inflator is the successor to our very popular PCI 1000.

We have endeavoured to improve a wide range of features compared to the PCI 1000.

The result is a handsome and streamlined computer inflator with short processing time, easy operation, increased lifespan and great measurement accuracy.


Extremely user-friendly operation and very low noise level
Great measurement accuracy, typically within +/- 0.02 Bar
Automatic safety ventilation on power failure
Available in ABS plastic casing in the colour RAL 7016
Final pressure/excess pressure may be programmed with a few keystrokes on the four program keys
Available in a 7-Bar and a 12-Bar version
Also suitable for nitrogen inflation
High airflow means quick inflation and short processing time
4” screen with easy-to-read display with large figures
Hibernation mode activates after one hour without use. Restarts immediately after hibernation

Measurement units: Bar/PSI/kPa
Power connection: 230V (+/- 10%) – 50/60 HZ

Holder for PCI 1200 on Maxi Safe

Holder for PCI 1200.

The holder is Suitable for mounting the PCI 1200 on the EM SAFE, MAXI SAFE and MAXI SAFE SD.
The holder is made for making it possible to mount the PCI on the side of the mentioned inflation cages.

Emergency emptying system

Emergency emptying system with 10-meter cable and switch.


The workflow of using an inflation cage can be various. It all depends on the structure of the cage.

One way could be like you see it from the pictures:

The valve is connected to the inflation unit
This can both be done on the front – or via the side door if the cage is constructed with that
The wheel is rolled into the cage
The door is closed carefully
Finally the computer inflator is programmed to inflate the tyre
When taking out the wheel from the cage again the roll-out system can be triggered with the foot.

MOVIE: The Safety of AHCON inflation cages

Click to see the short movie showing how an inflation cage protects.

The first part of the movie shows a wheel exploding while being inflated outside an inflation cage.

The last part shows you an explosion inside an inflation cage.

Manufacturer’s website  : Ahcon

Product website : Ahcon-Maxi-Safe