Wulkan – Wheel washer 300 H

for wheels for passenger cars and vans with any type of rims and tyres, with water heating system

General features

computer control
software in 6 languages
user-friendly display
sedimentation tank separated from washing chamber
triple acoustic insulation system (rubber lining, perforated PVC shield, foam)
anti-vibration rubber feet
shut-off ball valve
attractive graphic design on request

Heating system

heater power – 4 kW 400 V
water heating time to 50°C: 60 – 120 min
overheating protection

Standard equipment

WULKAN MIX granulate 25 kg
granulate basket
WULKAN TURBO washing concentrate 30 l
plastic protective cover
air blow gun

Manufacturer’s website : Wulcan

Product website : Wulcan-300H