Tread Reader – Drive over ramp




The patented TREADREADERTM tyre measurement technology creates a detailled 3d scan of each tyre, constructed from 320,000 measurement points, with an accuracy of <0.2mm or 0.008”.

By scanning the full width of the tyre and 50mm around the tyre, TREADREADER devices far surpass the accuracy and reliability of traditional dip gauges and non-contact ‘laser pointer’ measurement devices, producing detailled 3d rendering which show the condition of the tyre tread with absolute clarity.

The TREADREADER DriveOver ramp is the optimal solution for all workshops, centres or depots with a larger footprint or ‘drive through’ facility. The ramp is surface mounted, requiring no groundworks and can be located within, or at the entrance to a facility. The TREADREADER DriveOver ramp is suitable for all vehicle inspection volumes, particularly high volume or continuous traffic.


Tread depth measurement occurs as the vehicle drives over the ramp. By passing over a pressure switch, the tires trigger the sensors and air knives are activated to clean the laser scanning sensors mounted inside the ramps.

The captured 3D tyre scans are wirelessly transferred to the TREADREADER computer software. the software analyzes tyre scans, calculating tread depth and displays 3D images, tread depth measurements and operator recommendations. Additional narratives can also be provided when edge wear is detected.

For integration with external applications, or the client’s own data management system, a middleware is provided. The middleware decode the information sent by the driveover ramp and generates an xml file with the vehicle registration, calculated tread depths, wear remarks and path to the image and object hd location.




Surface mount (W x L x H) 2200 x 1800 x 97 mm (86.5 x 71 x 3.5 in)
Flush mount (W x L x H) 2380 x 1330 x 10 mm (94 x 52.5 x 0.4 in)
Laser Class Class 3R
Maximum scan width 2 x scan zones of 600mm ≈ 23.6”
Cross section of tyre Measured (min) 35-50mm ≈ 1.4-2”
Measurement accuracy < 0.2mm
Direction Measures leading edge of the tire
Maximum vehicle speed 6.5-13 km/h ≈ 4-8 mph
Cycle time within permitted speed range 12-15 secs
Power Mains (110 – 220VAC, 1A) for Control Cabinet, with (12VDC, 2A) supplied to the ramp
Measurement trigger Mechanical
Maximum axle weight 1,500Kg
Environmental rating for ramp IP67
Operating temperature range 0°C – 50°C ≈ 32°F – 122°F
Communication Ethernet
Manufacturer’s website : Tread Reader