Teseo Air – ATS Air Track Supply

This unique track and trolley system is produced by Teseo srl. It has been designed to support tooling and to provide compressed air, fluids and electrical supply to any point along the track.
A.T.S. is manufactured from a modular extruded aluminium track which can be secured to a wall or any suitable structure, the trolley runs along the track with minimal effort, supporting tooling and providing power right to the point of use. Additional options can be supplied on the trolley.


teseo_ats_1ATS is a trolley that slides on a modular anodised aluminium rail, on which there is a compressed air extraction point. The carriage can support and feed one or more tools while moving along the rail.




SAB is a fully assembled anodised aluminium rotating arm available in the version to be applied to the wall or to be fixed on a work bench. The horizontal bar is equipped with a sliding shoe for the support of pneumatic tools and an outlet plate for their compressed air supply.



MAT is a trolley that moves on the HBS50 modular tube equipped with an outlet plate for compressed air and anchoring points for the mounting of balancers to support pneumatic tools. The tube also serves as a rail and distribution manifold, thus reducing the space and cost of an assembly line.



WBA is a workbench equipped for the supply of pneumatic tools. It is made entirely of HBS anodized aluminium tubes. In addition, it includes a complete ATS trolley for the pneumatic tool supply. One of the uprights allows the pressure connection and acts as a supply tank for the trolley.



DT is a device that allows the drilling of a TESEO installation under pressure. With a few simple operations, it is possible to install an outlet plate on the distribution line and feed a new machine or tool.






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