Rassant – Ground jack HDPRO 3000 X

Jack VL / VUL

LOW PROFILE, POLYVALENT VL, SUV,4×4 & VUL (vans and minibuses),


– The VL/V.U.L HDPRO3000X is the versatile jack that meets the requirements for lifting a wide range of vehicles. Its low profile will be appreciated when working on LV chassis and its compactness combined with its robustness make it an indispensable tool for SUV, 4×4 and L.U.V. (vans and minibuses).
– Its lifting height of 580mm (exceptionally high in its category) does not require any additional extensions even for access to relatively high lifting points.
– Four wide handles have been integrated into the chassis design, contributing to the strength of the structure and allowing easy gripping for loading and unloading into and out of a transport vehicle.
– Double pump system equipped for quick approach to the lifting point.
– Large 110x100mm head equipped with a rubber head.
– Grease nipple integrated on the articulation axis of the lifting arm for maintenance.
– 4 Steel wheels, fixed at the front and swivelling at the rear.
– Sheathed tube to protect the bodywork from the lever returns.


– Safety instructions readable directly on the device.
– Overload safety.
– Regulation of the descent speed.
– Hydraulic limit switch.

Decompression :

– Decompression with dead man’s handle.

Manufacturer’s website : Rassant

Product website : Rassant-HDPRO3000X