Rapid – Retention bin

Retention bin RZW 10

Stand-by tray for optimum storage of oil and grease dispensing devices (e.g. ÖAM models) in the stand-by state and as a working and washing place for parts washers (e.g. RKR and TWA models).


Retention bin with grid without feet, galvanized.

For all mobile oil and grease dispensers when not in use, for compliance with regulations according to WHG, or as a working and washing place for all RKR and TWA models (up to TWA 280).

Tank capacity: 270 litres.
Load capacity max. 1000 kg / wheel pressure max. 2 t on load cube 200 x 200 mm
Weight approx. 210 kg
Dimensions: approx. 2840 x 1340 x 82 mm (L x W x H)

RAPID sumps are tested according to Ü-Zeichen, TÜV-Hessen, WS-Ü 12/12-01 in accordance with Building Regulation List A, Part 1, current no.: 15.22

EWith regard to the permissible size of the total volume stored in the collection sumps, the relevant regulations, VAwS and TRbF, must be observed in detail.

Access ramp available in option

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