Rapid – Electric pump

Model OP 160 ED/1


Electric feed pump for lubricating oils – especially engine, hydraulic and transmission oils – for connection to pressurized oil lines.

Return hose, wall bracket
On/Off switch
Wired ready to plug in
Power 0.55 kW / 400 V
Connection to alternating current and three-phase current
Oil pressure max. 10 bar
Flow rate up to 9 ltr./min. depending on viscosity
Including pump controller type DW 2

Connections :

Oil connection (pressure side): G 3/4″ IG
Oil connection (suction side): G 3/4″ IG

Pump control type DW 2 :

Pressure-dependent switching
Safety valve
Relief valve
Pressure gauge
For a 400 V drive, up to approx. 15 ltr./min.

Be Careful :
RAPID oil pumps are only suitable for self-lubricating fluids, e.g. lubricating oil or radiator antifreeze concentrate without the addition of water.

lso available in 0.75 kW / 400 V and 1.1 kW / 400 V versions.

Manufacturer’s website : Rapid