Osprey – Mobile steam cleaner fuel oil

Mobile steam cleaner fuel oil

The mobile steam generator OSPREYFRANK IS80 is one of the most powerful on the market. The machine has a heat production of 80kW powered by a modern “Fuel” technology that does not emit smoke or odour. The unrivalled power of the IS80 is the result of the combination of our spiral technology (see explanatory diagram) and an 80kW flame heater. This process allows a maximum power of 30 bar for 168 kg/h of steam under the most extreme degreasing conditions.
The vapour titre (% moisture content of the vapour jet) can be changed at any time and therefore adapts the vapour to the type of substrate to be cleaned and the contamination encountered.
The unquestionable advantage of the OSPREYFRANK IS80 model is its simple electrical connection, 220V / 16A which allows easy connection whatever the working space.


– Cleaning and degreasing of production machines, machine tools and industrial equipment.
– Degreasing of machining fixtures.
– Industrial maintenance operations.
– Cleaning of press tools, stamping tools, weld marks.

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