Frank – Mobile hot water high pressure cleaner

Mobile hot water high pressure cleaner

TCC – Tele-monitoring

No pressure peaks or jolts during operation, allowing easy operation and maximum operational safety.
The ergonomically designed spray gun is easy to handle and requires minimal force.
The cleaning programs can be selected directly on the spray gun, which provides a high degree of operational safety thanks to smooth start and stop processes and automatic pressure relief after shutdown.

TCC: Electronic remote control on the spray gun for 3 programs: “COLD”, “WARM”, “WARM WITH DETERGENT”.

DMP: VARIO STOP pressure switch control with switch-off delay, high pressure stage and steam stage.

TS: Total stop command

Our engineers have developed high quality hot water pressure washers for a wide variety of applications.
The entire service life of this product range is characterised by state-of-the-art technology that meets international standards.
FRANK produces only the highest quality high pressure cleaners – each one bearing our quality assurance seal. High-quality components and fittings ensure trouble-free operation.
Ease of maintenance is an essential feature of FRANK high pressure cleaners.

FRANK – Triple Piston High Pressure Pump

The pump and motor form a single block and are equipped with solid ceramic plungers that are highly resistant to wear.
This durable pump runs quietly

FRANK- High Performance Water Heater

It consists of a solid, thick-walled heating coil made of precision steel and is equipped with the FRANK oil spray burner.
The optimum flow of flue gases ensures environmentally friendly combustion and high efficiency.

FRANK- Oil atomizing burner

A compact unit using an integrated oil preheater and its own engine.

FRANK- Double control

Reduce the consumption of cleaning detergents by one third!
Dual 2-Phase technology offers decisive advantages thanks to the remote program-controlled selection of the operating steps:
low-pressure and high-pressure pre-spraying.
The low-pressure hot spray jet in combination with a highly concentrated detergent ensures maximum cleaning efficiency.
Optimally dissolved dirt particles are removed by the powerful high-pressure jet.
Unused cleaning detergent is not wasted. Additional pre-spray equipment is not required.

FRANK- FHE electrically heated

The water is heated up to 70° C in the stainless steel tank with electric heating elements and is supplied directly to the high-pressure pump.ion.

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