Omer – Scissor free gap KAR 350

Electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising, free of interference on the floor, ideal for the maintenance and lifting of lorries, trucks and vehicles of big capacity.

The lift is already according the updating of August 2010 of the european Norm En 1493.

Standard platform lenght: 9.000 mm, 10.000 mm, 11.000 mm;
upon request customizable lenght (min. 6.000 mm and max 15.000 mm)


– Available for Surface Mount or Flush mount installation
– Available also in the mechanical version
– Available also in the Twin version, where the lift can work individually or, when necessary, also simultaneously and automatically syncronized.


Main Features:

– Lift Capacity: 35.000 Kg (77.000 Ibs)
– Collapsed Heigth = 390 mm
– Platform length: from 7.000 mm up to 15.000 mm
– Platform Width: 930 mm
– Maximum height: 2.100 mm
– Electronic balance system with automatic leveling
– The runway has been designed to be used with the lifting traverse T5 and T7 with upper sliding

Safety devices:

• Mechanical locks on each lifting cylinder
• Burst valve on each lifting slave cylinder
• Qty 5 max. overpressure valves
• Photo sensors for runways leveling control
• Acoustic warning and by-pass key when lift reaches 500 mm. from collapsed position
• Low voltage commands
• Dead man control


– Traverse kit
– Light kit
– Automatic pit cover plates for the flush mount version
– Extra longer ramps for Buses till 3.500 mm for the above ground version
– Embossed anti-slip finishing on all platforms surface: maximum safety for all lifting/
lowering operations

Manufacturer’s website : Omer

Product website : Omer-Kar350

Product PDF : Omer-Kar350