Meclube – Pneumatic pump

Pneumatic oil pump Mod.501 Ratio=1:1 Delivery capacity 35 l/min

For wall mountings or fixed positions.

With various accessories, it allows further application possibilities.

With threaded ring for drum connection.

Product information

These pumps are recommended for the transfer of low viscosity oil (SAE 15/80), similar and antifreeze, over short distances (5 -10 m). The delivery capacity of a pump varies according to the applications and particular combinations: the pressure of the air supplied; the viscosity and temperature of the fluid; the dimensions of the delivery hose; the dimensions of the fittings and the type of gun used. The operating pressure can vary between a minimum of 3 bar and a maximum of 8 bar. To optimize the performance and life of the air pumps, it is advisable to use filtered and lubricated air.

Compression ratio 1:1
Working pressure 6-8 bar
Average air consumption 200 l/min
Air inlet connection F 1/4″ G BSP
Oil outlet connection M 3/4″ G BSP
Oil flow 6 bar 35 l/min
Noise 80 dB
Shank diameter 50 mm
Rod length 250 mm
Weight 3,60
Volume 0.007
Packaging 1


Manufacturer’s website : Meclube