Maha – Pit bottom – MPJ 16.5/1200 2S TA

The axle and transmission jack lifts up to 16.5 t. The axle and transmission jack, with double telescopic cylinders (max. stroke 1200 mm), runs along bottom positioned rails. Load-free, a compressed air speed control function ensures fast movement of the two telescopic segments as well as fast retraction of the piston rods. The equipment also includes an air motor with foot pedal control for lifting the piston rod under load.


2-stage telescopic, rail-guided, floor-running


Automatic axle and transmission jack
with pneumatic motor and fast control
in slim design specifically for dismantling assemblies
and lifting vehicles up to 16.5 t


  • Unique synchronised telescopic lifting cylinder for quick load lifting with fast control

  • Efficient fast control for UP and DOWN movement integrated as standard

  • Precision, user-friendly foot control using compact and robust operating unit for quick lift and load lift

  • Delicate and precision lowering of the pit jack with tried & tested system with integrated dead man’s control

  • Telescopic stages protected against corrosion thanks to the Venturi effect (separation of hydraulic oil and airflow)

  • Integrated cover to protect against unintentional operation


  • Precision floor-runnable, rail-guided pit jack for easy movement (needle bearings included as standard) of built-on units, including while loaded

  • Telescopic carriage for precision adjustment of pit jack lane width to fit the rails in the work pit

  • Precision-guided track rollers (flange guided)

  • Optional rollers for U profile or wall-guided with flat steel possible

  • Secure jack holding brake in transverse direction across the work pit

  • Integrated inspection window for checking oil quality and quantity of the pit jack

  • Optimised removal of the dismantled units thanks to low construction height of the jack due to ideal arrangement of the lifting unit in the carriage

  • With its non-slip coating the carriage can be used as a secure working platform for ergonomic reasons

  • Corrosion-resistant piston rods thanks to self-lubrication

  • High-quality powder-coating protects against corrosive liquids and elevates quality look and feel on a lasting basis


Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product site : Pit Jack – MPJ 16.5/1200 2S TA

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