Maha – MBT 6200 Lon W Classic

MBT-SERIES | Roller-Brake-Tester for tractors up to 18000 kg axle load


he large roller axle distance means it is designed particularly for agricultural vehicles or special vehicles with large wheel dimensions.
The considerably elevated test rollers prevent the wheel from jamming on the frame, even when testing vehicles with low-pressure tyres
DC brake supplied as standard makes it easier to drive on and off with the axle driven by the vehicle.
Multi-analogue display with two pointer indicators (Diameter: 2 x 350 mm)

Measured value display 0 – 4 kN / 0 – 40 kN

Display option for:

Brake tester
Wheel arch tester
Shock absorption tester

Difference display (three-digit + LED bar) for displaying:

Difference in braking force in %
Difference in shock absorption in %
Deviation in wheel arch in m/km
Results evaluation using additional coloured LED bars
User guidance using alphanumerical display

Program control using 32-bit microprocessor electronics enables the finest resolution for the measurement results
Dimensions of display (H x W x D) 910 x 870 x 300 mm

Comprehensive package of functions for professional testing, such as:

Delayed automatic switch-on after entering the tester
Automatic start-up monitoring supplied as standard to avoid tyre damage
Automatic slip cut-off with pointer stop and automatic restart already included as standard
Automatic exiting aid supplied as standard to enable the driven axles to conveniently exit the tester
Automatic cut-off after exiting the tester
Single-wheel switching for differentiated consideration of each wheel

Robust and long-lasting design due to:

Electronic, temperature-compensated strain gauge system for highly precise measurement results under all environmental conditions
Roller surface welded
Optional, free plastic coating on the test rollers
32-bit microprocessor electronics for process control and monitoring of all the safety functions
Lockable main switch
RS 232 interface connection
Splash-proof motors work reliably, even under high-stress environmental influences
Weighted test rollers with groove ball bearings ensure maximum precision and complete driving comfort and guarantee a long service life for the entire tester
Internationally recognised TÜV certificate as per issue 9/2011 of the Verkehrsblatt [German Transport Gazette]
Star-delta circuit to avoid high inrush currents
Centre cover between the roller sets
RS 1 roller set design with motors on the side
Rear roller elevated by 50 mm – guarantees highly precise measurement results, particularly for trailer axles.
Self-supporting divided roller set
Varnished with high-quality powder coating, gentian blue RAL 5010

Standard Delivery:

Analogue display with two pointer indicators and an integrated switch cabinet
MBT 6000 RS 1 roller set with preparation for weighing equipment

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website : Maha-MBT6200-Classic

Product PDF : TD_MAHA_MBT_6200_LON_W_CLASSIC_VP510008_FR