Maha – Es Square II 3.0 WS

SQUARE | One Post Inground Lift with WS mount and 3000 kg lifting capacity


Wheel/sill mount:

Enables lift support at the wheels or at the vehicle sills
Ideal and flexible for bodywork work areasVehicle positioned straight on the wheel mounts, ideal for gap dimensions since no torsion occurs
Vehicle can be lifted at the sills, optimal for wheel housing work
Vehicle freely accessible, especially in the sill area
Pinch point protection thanks to CE stop rather than foot guard

SQUARE lift unit:

Ample freedom of movement below the lifting platform thanks to the compact post-lifting unit and resulting optimum lighting below the raised vehicle
Outstanding rigidity and optimum safety thanks to torsion-resistant square post
Very quiet pump and very quiet electric motor in corrosion-proof oil-submerged design, optionally with bio oil
Electronic lift control with no-contact, wear-free limit switches and visual error display
Very smooth running due to special long-life nickel coating on posts that promotes sliding, with robust, low-maintenance post design
Protected internal hydraulic safety cylinders guarantee lengthy service life
High lifting/lowering speeds are guaranteed (each max. 26 s)
Battery-operated emergency lowering
Optimisation of workplace ergonomics mentioned thanks to optional, standard-independent control via traffic-light energy module or flush-mounted switching system

Standard Delivery:

Wheel support (WS) hot-dip galvanised
Insert plate for sill mount
Lift unit with hydraulic assembly
Wiring and mounting material
Installation box/installation frame not included in delivery
Emergency DOWN cable for connection to switch box
Control unit with 2 x 10 m control cables (flexible oil cables)
Lockable master switch
Operating manual and test log
EC Declaration of Conformity CE

Manufacturer’s website: Maha

Product website : Maha-Es-Square-II-3.0-WS

Product PDF: Maha-Es-Square-II-3.0-WS