Kaeser – I.Comp 3

Created for crafts

No matter what your next project or the job site that awaits you, the i.Comp 3 is the reliable equipment you need to get it done. With our i.Comp 3, you always have a flexible supply of oil-free compressed air at your disposal.

You can take this small, versatile, lightweight, compact and therefore space-saving compressor with you wherever you go.

We offer the i.Comp 3 with the following features :

-Constant pressure up to 11 bar
-Flow rate up to 160 l/min

Your advantages

No compressed air tank
The variable speed motor makes the compressed air tank superfluous.

Oil-free compressed air
Due to the oil-free compression system, there is no need to check the oil level or change the oil.

Constant pressure
Even with a cable length of 150 m, the compressor starts very easily and provides a constant pressure of up to 11 bar.

New drive system

The i.Comp 3’s variable speed motor has many advantages. The most striking is the absence of a compressed air tank. The compressor provides exactly the air flow rate that is actually required, making the compressed air receiver superfluous. The result is a lighter, more compact and significantly more manoeuvrable compressor.

Thanks to its completely new drive system, the i.Comp 3 is ideally suited for continuous operation. The i.Comp 3 is a top-quality piston compressor for craftsmen. It is designed for a cable length of 150 metres, which considerably increases flexibility on every job site and for every project.

Oil-free compressed air

Oil-free compression is one of the major advantages of the i.Comp 3. The compressor produces oil-free compressed air, which expands its range of applications.
The user does not have to top up the oil level or carry out an annual oil change, resulting in very low maintenance costs.

Ease of use

The i.Comp Control is an intuitive control developed especially for this piston compressor. The exact required pressure is easily set on the control using the arrow keys. The five service functions allow the user to quickly and easily check compressor operation.

Automatic condensate removal

Thanks to an innovative solution, the non-oily condensate automatically evaporates without residue.

Manufacturer’s website : Kaeser

Product PDF : Kaeser – I-COMP-3