Kaeser – Compact KRYOSEC refrigeration dryers up to 4.5 m³/min

Compact KRYOSEC refrigeration dryers up to 4.5 m³/min

Sturdy space-savers for optimal moisture protection in all load phases

KRYOSEC compact refrigeration dryers* deliver outstanding performance with “Made in Germany” industrial quality They provide dependable moisture protection in ambient temperatures up to +50 °C. The combination of the low pressure losses of the stainless steel heat exchanger system and a low-maintenance design ensures cost-effective operations. Thanks to their compact design, they’re always a great fit directly where they’re needed – under machine stages, work platforms or even mounted on the wall (TAH series).

Reliably dry compressed air from 0.35 to 4.5 m³/min
Working pressure up to 16 bar
Options: ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain and/or electronic thermostat for pressure dew point warnings – both with floating alarm contacts

Your advantages

  • Reliable moisture protection
    KRYOSEC dryers use a high quality heat exchanger system with stainless steel plates to dry the moist compressed air. Accumulating condensate is efficiently separated at all operating phases via the integrated separator, whilst the ECO DRAIN electronic condensate drain ensures reliable condensate removal without pressure loss.
  • Excellent performance in high ambient temperatures:
    KRYOSEC dryers ensure reliable drying even under the most demanding of operating conditions. Together with defined cooling air flow, the combination of generously dimensioned heat exchanger and refrigerant condenser surfaces further helps to enhance performance.
  • Standard-compliant industrial quality:
    KRYOSEC dryers meet machine safety requirements in accordance with EN 60204-1. Safety features include a lockable ON/OFF switch as well as a mains isolation device. High-quality manufacturing and compact design make them ideal for use within a rational decentralised installation strategy – such as adjacent to production and processing machines that require compressed air treated to high purity classes.

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