Kaeser – TBH


Refrigerant circuit

Refrigerant circuit consisting of reciprocating compressor
Fan-condenser assembly
Filter / dryer
Capillary tubes
Insulated air/air and air/refrigerant heat exchangers with integrated stainless steel (copper soldered) condensate separators
Hot gas bypass controller

Condensate drainage

ECO-DRAIN 30 electronically-controlled condensate drain with tap on the condensate inlet, incl. cold surface insulation

Electrical equipment and displays

Mechanical dew point trend display
Electric equipment to EN 60204-1: lockable main switch with integrated mains isolation device


Powder-coated unit enclosure with removable hood and machine mounts
Prepared for wall mounting (only TAH series)


Design includes strain-relieved main connector cable (without plug)
Internally wired
Bulkhead pipe fitting for external condensate drain connection


Includes operating manual and CE marking (EU version)

 Optional :

“Pressure dew point warning” floating contact

Electronic thermostat with floating output terminal
mounted inside the unit, ready for operation
Signal can be picked up on-site directly at the output
Associated upper and lower switching thresholds configurable

Condensate drain, incl. floating contact

Alternatively equipped with ECO-DRAIN 31 electronic condensate drain with floating alarm contact
Signal can be picked up directly on the drain

Product PDF : Kaeser – TBH