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Car lift elevators QHV


The QHP elevator is the ideal solution for vertical movement for high passenger traffic in public buildings such as: shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, hotels, office buildings, etc. This elevator offers exceptional comfort.
It is equipped with an electronic valve, which makes the lift move smoothly and precisely, and reduces energy consumption, and the accesses are equipped with safety gates.

This car lift is specially designed for residential buildings, office buildings, public garages and any environment where traffic is heavy, and traffic fluidity and safety are essential.The QHP lift is not only robust, reliable and comfortable, it also adapts to your requirements in terms of functionality and aesthetics (through the combination of materials and colours).


Walls in painted sheet metal (standard colour RAL 7035), brushed stainless steel, textured stainless steel (diamond, linen cloth, etc.), laminated or glazed panels.
Cabin doors painted (standard colour RAL 7035), or in brushed or textured stainless steel, glazed or panoramic glass.
Ceiling lighting: Ceiling light, LED ceiling light, false ceiling with translucent light panel, LED panels or LED spotlights. The false ceiling can be painted or in stainless steel.
Baseboards, handrails (straight or rounded ends) in polished stainless steel.
Door sill in aluminium or reinforced aluminium (optional).
Protective rails in wood or PVC panels with reinforced strips.
Built-in button box column, over the entire height of the cabin, in brushed stainless steel.

Other options:

Acoustic and visual signals. Position information by voice synthesizer (EN 81-70 standard).
Vandal-proof equipment (EN 81-71 standard).
Arrival gong.


Landing doors with paint finish (standard colour RAL 7035) or in brushed or textured stainless steel, glazed or panoramic glass, recessed button boxes and position display and direction arrows.


The QHG lift is designed to easily transport heavy loads in all environments.equipped with an automatic levelling system at the landing, it can also be equipped with an independent quick isonivelling device (more precise isonivelling) or a mechanical locking device at the floor (loading stop), allowing a perfect levelling during the loading and unloading process.

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