Giuliano – The Boss

Superautomatic hydraulic next generation no contact leverless tyre changer, suitable for fitting/removing all kinds of tyres for passenger’s cars and LCVs 10″-30″ (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm/47″, max. wheel width 406 mm./16″), equipped with new-design automatic finger-tool, to remove tyre bead without using the traditional bead lifting lever and without any risk of damaging the rim because of no contact between finger tool and rim (no contact and leverless tyre-changer).


All functions hydraulic, controlled by soft touch panel;
Tyre assembly clamped in vertical position, to see and easy access both sides;
Automatic positioning of clamping chuck according to wheel size;
Fully automatic No Contact robotic finger tool for tyre fitting/removing operations;
Hydraulic spindle chuck controlled by pedal;
Tyre inflation by switch (standard);
Equipped with Tyre Lift (standard);
Equipped with Press Arm (standard).

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