Garmat – Euromat

Insulated side walls (60 mm polystyrene)

Panels in stainless steel floor profile
Dimensions 7000 x 4000 x 3000
Light fittings changeable from inside booth
Light fittings inclined towards center of booth
Top lights: 12 pieces (each 4 x 30 W)
3-part entrance door with windows and integrated escape door
Partial grated floor or rear end extraction
Paintstop filter
Ceiling filter EU5 with full surface pre-filter
Plenum single skinned
Patented air distribution system
Controls integrated on electrical wiring box
1-part hanger + rail
Ventilation 20,000 m³/h with recirculation
Inletmotor 5,5 kW – Extraction motor 5,5kW
‘Riello’ fuel burner
Equipment delivered with CE label


Ventilation 25.000 m³/h or 30.000 m³/h
Lower and rear light fittings
Direct fired (open flame) gas burner – Delta t = 30°
Electronic ballasts
Speed dry for water borne parts
Frequency converters for energy savings
Extra personnel door
Full surface grated floor
Raised floor 300 mm
Ducts and rainhoods

Manufacturer’s website : Garmat