Frank – Unheated stationary unit for cold or hot water operation

Unheated stationary unit for cold or hot water operation

Efficient cold water, high pressure cleaning

Our high pressure jet works with the right dosage of cleaning/preserving agents to provide the desired results while keeping operating costs low.

Alternatively, hot water high pressure cleaning is economical.

The connection of the unheated wall module to a central water supply makes it the most efficient hot water high pressure station. The high-pressure hot water jet combined with the correctly selected cleaning/preserving agent gives you the best possible result. d’eau chaude à haute pression combiné à l’agent de nettoyage/préservation correctement sélectionné vous offre le meilleur résultat possible.


Pressure switch control with switch-off delay, adjustable from 2 to 60 seconds. The additional automatic timer controls the operating status and the complete stop of the machine. Wear and tear on the machine is considerably reduced due to the reduced number of interruptions each time the gun is opened and closed.

Programs :

Detergent A
Detergent B
With kit for : WARM/COLD
Detergent A
Detergent B

TCC-Telecontrol and MP-VARIO Stop models


No pressure peaks or jerks during operation, allowing easy operation and maximum operational safety.
The ergonomic spray gun is easy to handle and requires minimal force.
The cleaning programs can be selected directly on the spray gun.
High operational safety is achieved through smooth start and stop processes and automatic pressure relief after the spray gun has been switched off.

This applies to all variants:

Problemless maintenance

All elements are arranged in a clear and easily accessible manner.

The powerful “heart

The excellent design includes motor and pump in one block. Solid triple-submerged high-pressure pump with wear-resistant solid ceramic plungers

Safety block

Constant safety for the user thanks to flow control valve, safety valve, pressure switch, pulsation damper and pressure gauge technology


The electronic control reacts to the opening and closing of the spray gun. 2 pressure switches send START and STOP signals (STOP = start of VARIO STOP – delay). After the VARIO STOP time has elapsed, the module is switched off. The operational readiness is maintained.

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