Frank – Fixed hot water high pressure cleaner

Fixed hot water high pressure cleaner

-To oil
-Gas heating
-Electric heating


proven and reliable
Water heaters and oil burners with oil preheaters are a sophisticated system of high quality.

Gas heating

the reasonable alternative
The water heater with its gas burner is a FRANK specialty that sets new standards for cleanliness, non-polluting combustion and inexpensive fuel storage, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Electric heating

the solution without exhaust
The stainless steel water heater with its electric tabular radiator and pressureless hot water tank allows continuous hot water operation.

The gas burner sets new standards

Includes UV flame monitoring and is DVGW certified.
Precisely regulated to control constant water temperature and maintain high levels of efficiency.

The powerful heart

The excellent design includes motor and pump in one block. The triple-piston high-pressure pump is equipped with solid, wear-resistant ceramic plungers.

Problemless maintenance

All elements are arranged in a clear and easily accessible manner.

Safety block

SConstant user safety thanks to the technology of safety valves, flow switches, pressure/flow control valves, pressure switches, pulsation dampers and pressure gauges.

Stainless steel water heaters

Includes tabular electric radiators.

MSE-Z – Remote control

Programs :
Detergent A
Detergent B


Pressure switch control with switch-off delay, adjustable from 2 to 60 seconds. The additional automatic timer controls the operating status and the complete stop of the machine.

Oil burner with oil preheating

Expect high efficiency, automatic flame control and clean, safe combustion, even when using different grades of oil or cold fuel oil.

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